Latest News:

09 Jul 2011

Knoocks won the Best Student Paper Award at IVAPP 2011.

23 Jul 2010

Knoocks is part of the showcase event on the International Conference on Information Visualization (IV10) this year.

18 Jun 2010

Three videos added.

07 Jan 2010

First version of homepage is online.


If you want to try Knoocks for academic purposes, please contact us via e-mail


and we will send you the current prototype.


Simone Kriglstein


GŁnter Wallner


Knoocks (Knowledge Blocks)

is a visualization tool for OWL Lite Ontologies. The prototype is implemented in C# and for parsing OWL Lite Ontologies the publicly available OwlDotNetApi is used whereas OpenGL is utilized for displaying purposes. This allows us to easily use certain features like alpha-blending or texturing.

It represents the structure of the ontology with its:
  • Classes
  • Instances
  • Object Properties
  • Datatype Properties
Short Description:

Knoocks provides two views to the user: a detail view and an overview. These two views can be switched between a larger window (intended for interaction with the visualization) and a small preview window at any time.
The basic elements are blocks, which are represented by rectangles. Every block stands for a class with its subclasses. The right rectangles are subclasses of the left rectangle and the instances of a class are listed within their class. Object properties are represented as curved lines and every property type has its own color. After clicking an instance name, the data properties of this instance are visible.

For further information, please refer to the publications.