The Homie system consists of four parts. Homie itself, a dogbed, a console (which is connected to the television) and a bracelet.
The dogbed represents the distributing center. It sends information for visualization to the console. Furthermore, it stores all data, which is received from the bracelet, Homie, friends and doctors.
Elderly people directly interact with the artificial dog.
The bracelet sends emergency calls to doctors when necessary.



Our intention is
- to awake emotions
- to make Homie a friend with its own

A voice gives the dog its own personality

To accomplish these emotions Homie can move its ears, eyebrows, mouth and tongue, head, arms, legs and tail

Mainly positive emotions are used, because they give a sense of pleasure



Whenever Homie receives a message, its nose begins to glow to gain your attention

After you press the nose, it tells you which kind of message
it is

It can read out the message and/or view it on television

All messages are stored and can be viewed again later on


Heart Beat:

To awake feelings of warmness and safety and to counteract loneliness

Homie has a cosy fur and a beating heart

If Homie gets hugged, you can feel its heart beat

Homie reacts to elderly people (for example it raises an ear if they talk with it)

The dog can be crawled or petted



If Homie´s battery level is low, it gets floppy ears

Use of inductive charging which is easier to handle for elderly people

If Homie wears the necklace, it also gets recharged

After Homie is fully recharged it makes a happy face

We use emotions here to represent the power status of the companion



Almost all elderly people have a television at home

We use television to visualize various things
- a diary
- text and MMS messages
- a quiz

Elderly people can browse through messages like a book.
- each page shows shortened
versions of five messages
- saying the number of a message
opens a detail view of the message


Health Care:

Homie´s necklace can be worn as a bracelet.

This bracelet measures pulse rate continuously and blood pressure in case of an emergency or if elderly people want to know the value.

Important medical information about the owner can be stored

In case of an emergency the system
- locates the owner via GPS and
- sends an emergency call with
position and medical information


Remote Control:

Television is one of the favorite pastimes of elderly people

Homie can be used as a remote control for the television

You can tell it to switch
- to the next or previous
channel or
- the number of a channel

While giving commands you have to hold one of its paws
- physical contact is raised
- it ignores commands in a
conversation not meant for it


Pill Dispenser:

A pill dispenser is integrated in the dogs´s stomach

Opens automatically on times which are specified by its owner

Additionally these times are transferred to the bracelet. This assures that the person receives a reminder even not at home

When elderly people leave their home Homie asks them if they want to take the pills with them

Homie reminds the person to refill the box for the next day